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Estate Planning & Administration

Plan for transfer of your assets through a will, trust or lifetime gifts and manage your financial/health care decisions with powers of attorney and a living will.

Other Areas of Law

Are you are looking for help in an area of law not listed here?  Contact John to see if he can refer you to a fellow lawyer with expertise in such area.

John's background as an Estate Planning Lawyer and Estate Adminstration Lawyer:

John has drafted estate planning documents for hundreds of individuals.  These typically include wills, trusts, powers of attorney (durable and health care) and living wills.  He has assisted many executors in opening files with clerks of court and filing required probate forms for administration of their deceased loved ones' estates.

In order to maintain quality control, limit costs and keep his fees at essentially the same level where they have remained for years, John operates with minimal staffing.  To further reduce costs by eliminating storage space and minimizing paper usage, he has scanned all of his files from the last 25 years into pdf files.  This has allowed him to dispose of over a million pages of documents and permits him to retrieve file documents within seconds.  It also allows his clients to keep an electronic copy of their estate documents rather than having to deal with the clutter of more paperwork.

For an estate planning client, John will email a questionnaire for the client to complete and return to John.  John will then prepare the documents and email them to the client for review.  After making any changes and answering questions via telephone, the client can schedule a covenient appointment for execution of the documents thus having to make only a single visit to the attorney's office.  So contact John if you are looking for a Raleigh estate lawyer.

Estate Planning and Administration Frequently Asked Questions:

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Estate Planning and Administration News:

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